This is by no mean an exhaustive list but rather my subjective top after spending several years in IT. Hope you find some of those helpful

1. The Boy Scout Rule

“Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it” -that’s a great rule to live by. When you are near campground you should make it cleaner even if it was not you that made the mess. That’s one of the rules of scouts. Just the same should apply to programming. As Robert C. Martin paraphrased it “Leave your code better than you found it”. If we find some hard to read piece of application that someone else wrote and we spent some time to understand, let’s…

Quick overview of the usage of AWS SSM Parameter Store and Secret Manager

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Let’s put a PHP application right into the serverless cloud

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Let’s build a simple event-sourced chess application from scratch

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Few tricks that can help overcome public speaking fear


Decouple your application by extracting reusable business requirements

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Let’s build a serverless clone of WeTransfer to share cat pictures

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Level up the interfaces of your classes

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Domain-Driven Design has several amazing concepts and techniques that we think give…

Let’s give our database schemas more freedom


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